Behind the lens

My name is Michael Anthony Ygnacio; I am better known as “Tonton” by my family and relatives, and “Mykz” by everyone else. I am not a professional photographer, and have no plans of becoming one in the immediate conceivable future. So,  I probably consider myself as an amateur/hobbyist/enthusiast photographer.

I have always been fascinated with cameras, taking photos of others, and shooting all sorts of stuff ever since the earliest time I can remember, which I think was some time during my early grade school years. Through a series of photos and exposures to different cameras, from the webcam to the phone camera, Kodak film camera, digital point-and-shoots, and dslr’s, I progressed from borrowing and playing around with somebody else’s cameras to eventually fully owning one. And with that comes the discovery of a drive and a passion for photography.

Thus, that brings me to where I am at present – a left-brained software developer by day, and a right-brained photographer on all other days with my camera. Needless to say, I still consider myself a work-in-progress, with so much more to learn, knowing that the only way to go in this journey is to keep on shooting! \m/

through the eyes of the viewfinder - the day I got my dslr

Behind the site

The creation of this photoblog has been inspired by a number of things. First, I’ve got to say, is with the dissatisfaction with the quality of photos in Facebook. Second, is that I’ve always wanted to create a blog. Having my own camera is simply what I needed to finally be able to do so. Third, I suppose, is one thing common to almost every photographer – love for cameras, photos, and everything in between.


Canon 400D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 II Kit Lens (retired)
Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Nissin Di622 Mark II Flash
Vanguard tripod

through the eyes of the viewfinder

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12 thoughts on “About

  1. Agree, the quality of photo sharing in facebook won’t be better than wordpress.
    Anyway, some of the friend reluctant to browse to wordpress link. A higher resolution of photos will make thing different.

    1. Yes indeed, it is quite hard to get your friends to browse through wordpress, unless they are bloggers themselves. And yes, high resolution photos make all the difference. Thanks for dropping by my site, and I’ve got to say, you’ve got some really nice photos on your site \m/

  2. Hi Myxz,

    Thanks for visiting my site 🙂 Good to know that there are other IT Professionals out there who’s really into photography, in the sense of being passionate about the art and not just the trend. It’s a delight to visit your site and continue the great work. Thanks for visiting my site too and inspired you to do your “LIST” I need to update my site soon. Photography is my escape from the stress of our work. Definitely adding your blog in my list of getting updates. Looking forward to new ones 🙂


    1. Finding the ones who are really passionate about photography among lots of people out there with cameras is really good to know. And yes indeed, photography is one heck of a stress buster.

      Maybe I’ll put up my own list soon when I’m done with it.Thank you for your comments. Keep shooting! Cheers!

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