Calaguas Getaway

What better place to spend the summer than on the beach. What better beach to visit than one with powdery white sand and crystal clear blue waters. Destination, Calaguas!

In actuality, Calaguas is not just one island but rather a  group of islands located off the coast of mainland Camarines Norte. Of all its islands, it is the Tinaga Island that made a name for Calaguas, all thanks to the long white sand beach called Mahabang Buhangin, which translates to long beach located along its shoreline. It sure looks good in paper, now it’s time to witness it first-hand.

We arrived at about 10am in the morning and at the very moment I laid in my eyes on the beach, damn it sure hell was amazing. Even by just gazing at the white sand beach and crystal clear waters, for a moment, I felt I was in paradise. By far, it was easily the best white sand beach I have ever visited, not counting the other famous white sand beaches such as Boracay which I have yet to experience.

The island is pretty remote I guess – it’s a 2-hr boat ride from Daet plus another 12-hr drive from Metro Manila. It is also very raw and underdeveloped – no fancy hotels or accommodations, just the plain, old beach camping style. We slept in tents along the beach, bathed in make-shift CR’s using water from pumps, and ate in wooden cottages. All this has been organized and provided for by our trip package organizer, Hullabaloo. Hooray for such a unique kind of beach experience!

So, why don’t we see it for ourselves shall we? Here are some shots of this wonderful beach getaway.


Calaguas Island – Ultimate Camping Experience by Hullabaloo


Powdery white sand plus crystal clear blue waters is nothing but WOW


One of the boats anchored to the shore


A moment of calm waves breaking along the beach


Time for a walk, leaving behind footprints in the sand


Coconut husk in the sand


The rocky portion on the edge of the beach


Hullabaloo wristband


The sun sets on Calaguas

The End –

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For my info on this tour package, you can check out Hullabaloo’s site here.


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