Little Kids at Lola’s 80th birthday

It was a moment of celebration. A joyous day to celebrate 80 years of life for a mother of 12, a grandmother of over 30, and a great grandmother of 6 (and counting). It was a gathering that spans 4 generations, bringing together the young once, the young ones, and everyone else in between.

It was a moment to look back, a moment to appreciate, a moment to be grateful for all the graces given to our beloved lola.

But the presence of the little ones, the very young ones, however, takes us back to the opposite end of the spectrum. These kids with their big heads, big eyes, chubby cheeks, tiny hands, small steps and their ever so cute expressions, innocent stares and gestures seems to remind us of how the years start off, and how our lola and each one of us may have been in our younger years.

Well, they go about here and there minding their own business in their own little worlds, with little attention to whatever the surrounding adults and older children are doing. No hassles, no worries, just play, eat, run around, then go back to mommy and daddy – plain and simple.

Here are some shots taken during the event. Thanks to the moms and dads for letting me post their kid’s photos.

Amara looking back, perhaps wondering why there are so many new faces going after her

Sweeties Rafa and Yana in for a kiss-and-hug, with Auntie Rachel looking on

Rafa going for another hug but Yana seems to have had enough

The ever so energetic Yana shying away

Baby girl Gab playing with her tongue

Zsanea after noticing her picture is being taken

Elise not minding the other kids and just eating away

Baby boy Gab clinging on to mommy

The End –

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