The Mother of All Fiestas, Aliwan Fiesta 2012 Photos

What: 10th Aliwan Fiesta 2012
Where: Quirino Grandstand, Manila, Philippines
When: April 12-14, 2012

Dubbed as the Mother of all Fiestas, the ALIWAN Fiesta is an annual event which showcases the different cultural festivals or fiestas of the Philippines.

The word Aliwan is a Filipino term which roughly translates to entertainment. Sure enough, it was cultural entertainment at its best.

On top of experiencing a virtual tour of the various festivities of the many islands in the country, the spectators are immersed in stunning visuals from the costumes, props, sets, dance choreography and in heart-pounding rhythms from the bands during the performances.

What else can I say, you can feel the energy, drive, dedication and passion oozing out of the performers – you can see it in the look of their faces, you can hear it in the sound of their voices. It was after all, a showdown of champions. But win or lose, hats off and hands down to all the performers.

Congratulations to this year’s winners, which also happend to be my personal favorites in the street dance competition.

For a first time Aliwan Fiesta goer and shooter, here are some shots taken at the final day event kick-off at the Quirino Grandstand.

Tribu Pan-ay of Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo City – Champion

Congratulations to Tribu Pan-ay of the Dinagyang Festival for bagging the one million peso prize, for emerging as the Grand Champion for Aliwan Fiesta 2012, and for being inducted into the Aliwan Fiesta Hall of Fame for securing back-to-back wins from 2010 to 2012.


Buyogan Festival of Abuyog, Leyte  – 2nd Place


Tribu Lingganay of Alang-Alang, Leyte – 3rd Place








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For more information on the Aliwan Fiesta, visit their official website.


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