Mobile Suit Gundam Snapshots

When attending a much anticipated outdoor photowalk becomes a risky option (primarily for the camera) due to imminent bad weather caused by a tropical storm, the letdown of not being able to shoot often becomes too much to handle.

With my index finger itching for the trigger, there is no other option but to shoot indoors. So I’ve decided to bring out some of my Gundam action figures (Destiny Gundam and Strike Freedom Gundam) to see if there’s anything I could come up with. A simple chair, a white t-shirt for the backdrop,  some window lighting, and viola… I got myself a makeshift mini-studio.

I also played around with the shot settings and post-processing for these shots – added some sort of old school look, vivid colors, and over-exposed whites.

The End –

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4 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam Snapshots

    1. Yah, but these are just the cheap models since I am not yet enticed in buying the really expensive ones. I’ll be looking forward to your gundam shoot. Thanks for dropping by.

  1. I’m also just an amateur/newbie photographer as well. And it’s nice trying to look at the different perspectives of people on the same subject.

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