A Day and A Night in the City, Makati Skyline Photos

Time flies. This couldn’t be more apparent than to us city-dwellers. For those of us accustomed to the fast-paced nature of an urban environment, we are often caught up in the same routine day after day from Monday to Friday – wake up, go to work, go home, sleep, then repeat the next day.

As such, we often fail to notice the smaller things happening around us that somehow makes a particular day a little special and different from the rest. Sometimes, a second look or even a slight pause to give our surroundings just a little bit of our attention, we then see something more than just the ordinary. So came this one day and this one night in my life as a city boy.

Good morning

Morning person – that is one that I am definitely not. So waking up way earlier than my usual wake-up time is kind of a challenge for me. As I put on my shoes to finish preparing for work, the soft morning light shines through the window and casts my shadow on the bed. A quick glance of the scenery out the window and a couple of seconds later do I then realize this is a photographic moment presenting itself. I check the time and crap, I’ll be late for my 6am shift, but then who cares, I’m already late anyway so let’s get on with it.

Good morning Makati – the sun coming up from behind the buildings from the Boni-Guadalupe area to cast its soft, yellow, morning light through the hazy skies.

A Day and A Night in the City, Makati Skyline Photos



Good evening

I think it rained on this particular evening. Add to that a significant reduction in the number of vehicles spewing out smoke due to the fact that it is Saturday, then I managed to notice much clearer skies above the towering city buildings.

Good evening Makati – view of the Makati Central Business District, with the RCBC and the Columns towers at the center.

A Day and A Night in the City, Makati Skyline Photos


The End –

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