I Heart Makati Surprise

June 19, 2010 Saturday
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati city

crazy,daring photographers + Night shot of makati avenue and ayala triangle gardens + photo competition + chamba + swerte + judge approval = surprise win

Event: I Heart Makati Photography Club Members Competition
Category: Architecture, Landscape, and Skyline category

Late afternoon on the final day of a 10-day long competition, the anticipation of the awarding could not be any higher.

Finally, the much awaited moment has arrived.

As the 2nd runner-up entry was flashed on screen, I thought “No way, is that my shot?” I felt frozen in my seat for a couple of seconds in disbelief. And as the owner’s name was formally announced, damn, it’s confirmed.

2nd runner up - Architecture, Landscape and Skyline category

Looking back on the other submitted entries, there is without doubt lots of tough competitors in this event, not to mention the pros. Any chance of winning was just “asa pa boy!”. So somehow I can’t help but question myself, a relatively new amateur hobbyist without even a photo club yet, if mine was 3rd-place-worthy. Nonetheless, I guess it all boils down to the fact that the shot was in accordance to the judges’ favor and liking. Lucky me.

Joining the competition (my first ever) was simply for the chance of shooting in Ayala, which in normal days is considered bawal for obvious security reasons. Snatching the 3rd place seat in one category was totally unexpected and unprecedented, but I’ve gotta say is also deeply satisfying and exhilarating. With the experience, and much more the surprise win, my personal passion for photography has just been pumped up. Now, for sure, at least I’ve got a personal shot worthy to be framed.

Behind the shot

2nd runner up - Architecture, Landscape and Skyline category

TV mode, 30 seconds, F10, ISO 200, 18mm, AWB, timer
Canon 400D, Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 II Kit Lens, Vanguard tripod

Overlooking view of Makati avenue and the Ayala Triangle Gardens, June 16, 2010, around 8pm.
View high resolution here.

Shot taken outside company pantry, literally outside, at the Citibank Center 12th floor building ledge.. a few steps sideways and you’re already at the edge, a few steps off and it’s gonna be a long way down. The risk and the sense of danger has just been nullified all for the sake of taking shots on such a unique and thrilling location. I guess the risk was all worth it!

Thank you I Heart Makati! Thank you Pointwest pantry!
And of course, Thank you for the Almighty above for all the good graces.

Compliments to Darius Pimentel of ShotnRoll for bringing me along for this event. Thanks to my uncles for the chance to have a dlsr. Thanks to my dad for letting me spend my money on the camera. Thanks to my family and my beh for all the support and inspiration.

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