UP Los Baños

The University of the Philippines,  Los Baños campus – although I did not actually study here, this place has become a frequent destination during weekends. Despite the 2-hour commute each way, coming here has never been tiring, even after 5 years. I’ve found the place quite relaxing, partly for the environmental setting and mostly for personal reasons. Nonetheless, the campus provides an easy opportunity to take some shots of its structural and natural landmarks.

Oble, to freedom and beyond – an iconic symbol and embodiment of the UP spirit

UPLB - Oble

Fertility tree – i think that i shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree. Lovely as it may seem during the day, this tree has nonetheless been nicknamed the ‘f’ tree, or ‘fertility’ tree (or whatever definition would fit) due to various rumored accounts of ‘nightime’ activities in its vicinity.

UPLB - Fertility tree

The leaning tree of uplb – what was once thought as a natural hazard due to its seemingly delicate angle, is now free to stand tall and firm.

UPLB - Leaning tree

Carillion tower – the migthy carillion, formally known as the Rizal Centenary Carillon Tower.  I’m not quite sure if the bells are still operational; going to the top just is not possible due to restricted access.

UPLB - Carillion

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